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Carson Yeung

Carson Yeung is President of the Board at Birmingham City FC, and is also the President of the owning company, Birmingham International Holdings.


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Yang Yuezhou Becomes Largest Shareholder in BIH

Birmingham International Holdings disclosed to the stock exchange today that the second conversion bond issued by the company following the EGM of February 5, 2014 has been exchanged for shares.

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Postcards from HK: Shares and Bears

Shares in Birmingham International Holdings dropped heavily this morning, dropping to a five year low of HK$0.0615 per share before rebounding slightly. Trading has been brisk with 400M+ shares changing hands – just under 10% of the total number of shares currently available in the company.

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Postcards from HK: The Book

As I’m back in Hong Kong for a short period of time I thought that I would resurrect this series and give you some snapshots of what is happening out here. As it’s 12:30am and I’ve been here an hour I can’t really talk much about what I’ve found out but I can share some plans with you.

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News from Hong Kong: More Delays

Birmingham International Holdings have announced to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today that there is a delay to them holding an EGM to authorise new funds coming into the company.

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Carson Bail Application Hearing Set

It has been confirmed in Hong Kong today that Carson Yeung has applied for bail pending his appeal hearing and that the application will be heard on Thursday, August 21.

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EZE Group Extend Sponsorship

EZE Group recently extended their sponsorship of Birmingham City for a fourth successive season. The leisure, travel and entertainment experts are once again “Diamond Partners” with the club having seen their profile grow during their connection with the club.

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Carson Appeal Delayed

Carson Yeung was convicted of five counts of money laundering in March 2014 and sentenced to serve six years in jail. While it has been confirmed that he has appealed against his conviction, there has been little word about Carson’s appeal since the conviction – when it is due to happen or if he is to apply for bail pending appeal.

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The Ownership We Deserve

With Jeremy Wray’s takeover of Birmingham City seemingly stalled once again people online have questioned whether BIH want to sell the club. Although there is undoubtedly difficulties in selling the club due to the intertwined nature of its finances with BIH and the hoops that the regulatory authorities want BIH to jump through, one does wonder if there is other reasons for the continued delay in news let alone a sale.

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The More Things Change…

The weird thing with moving away from Birmingham is how easy it is to disconnect with what is going on at St Andrews. You may have noticed that in the last couple of days that there has been no updates on site and I’ve been quiet on social media and in the comments. Admittedly, a lot has to do with the changes in my worklife but I’ve also noticed how easy it is not to care so much about football when you’re not immersed in it.

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Not the Right News

Birmingham City made Clayton Donaldson their ninth signing of the season yesterday. The 30-year-old striker scored 18 goals for Brentford last season and is looking to make the step up to the Championship and score more goals in the Blue of Birmingham.

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One Response to “Carson Yeung”

  • JeffHallsClock says:

    Re Due Diligence this can be a lengthy process typically would take about a month…..but with our track record I dare say the auditors will want to be doubly sure.
    Once due diligence is completed there often follows a period of negotiation to adjust for any unexpected findings from both sides!
    So in summary I still wouldn’t expect any news for at least another month or more – we are now in a silent period as neither party are at liberty to discuss pending results as anny discussion could potentially affect competitive offers or business standing in the stock exchange. Whoever it is at the moment are only POTENTIAL suitors
    Hope this helps.

Haircuts and League Cups

You can read regular previews on the book by Daniel Ivery (author of OP) and Will Giles (HK Solicitor) chronicling the rise and fall of Carson Yeung by clicking here.

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