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Carson Yeung

Carson Yeung is President of the Board at Birmingham City FC, and is also the President of the owning company, Birmingham International Holdings.


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BIH Name Victor Ma Shui-Cheong as CEO and MD

Birmingham International Holdings have today confirmed that Victor Ma Shui-Cheong has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the company, effective today.

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Who is Wang Lei?

Back in December, I wrote about how a mysterious individual by the name of Wang Li had taken control of U-Continent and had become the second largest shareholder in BIH and by extension BCFC.

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Looking Forwards

Birmingham City continued to tighten their hold on midtable security with a 1-1 draw against Leeds United at the weekend. It could have been all three points but for Luke Murphy’s late equaliser for the home side but the result sees Blues lie 11th, just nine points off the playoff places.

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Carson Demands BIH hold EGM

BIH have today announced to the HKSE that they have received letters from Carson Yeung and from U-Continent in their capacity as major shareholders demanding an EGM be held to remove three directors and appoint three directors of their choosing.

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The Hokey Cokey

Birmingham International Holdings announced yesterday the re-appointment of Panos Pavlakis as an Executive Director along with Li Hanguo and Liu Enxue as Independent Non-Executive Directors, one day after they failed re-election at the company’s AGM.

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AGM Thoughts

It was confirmed yesterday at the Birmingham International Holdings Annual General Meeting that former Acting Chairman of BCFC Peter Pannu has been re-elected as an Executive Director, and that Panos Pavlakis who has been working at the club in a similar capacity has failed re-election.

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BIH AGM News: Pannu in, Panos out

Early news from the AGM of BIH is that there are to be significant changes to the BIH board. Peter Pannu has been re-elected to the BIH board as an executive director along with Anthony Cheung Kwai-Nang while Carson Wong Ka-Chun returns as an independent non-executive director. However, Panos Pavlakis was not re-elected as an executive director and is retired along with Liu Enxue and Li Hanguo who were independent non-executive directors.

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Ongoing Battles

Birmingham International Holdings will hold their postponed AGM tomorrow in Gold Coast, Hong Kong with controversial director Peter Pannu seeking re-election as an executive director along with Panos Pavlakis and four others. With all that has happened over the last month people could be forgiven for thinking that this may be the end of an […]

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Civil Wars and Rumours

Rumours of change at BIH board level seem to have intensified over the last 24 hours, with various people in the press seemingly contacted with the same information – that Carson wants certain people out of the BIH board and others in. As there has been no official statement to the Stock Exchange there is absolutely no way to verify any of this and to me at least it seems that the civil war within the Harbour Centre boardroom has by no means ended.

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Carson Yeung Refused Bail

Carson Yeung’s bail application was refused this morning in the Court of Appeal. Judge Michael Lunn, Vice-President of the Court of Appeal refused bail after dismissing Carson’s grounds of appeal as unlikely to succeed.

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One Response to “Carson Yeung”

  • JeffHallsClock says:

    Re Due Diligence this can be a lengthy process typically would take about a month…..but with our track record I dare say the auditors will want to be doubly sure.
    Once due diligence is completed there often follows a period of negotiation to adjust for any unexpected findings from both sides!
    So in summary I still wouldn’t expect any news for at least another month or more – we are now in a silent period as neither party are at liberty to discuss pending results as anny discussion could potentially affect competitive offers or business standing in the stock exchange. Whoever it is at the moment are only POTENTIAL suitors
    Hope this helps.

Haircuts and League Cups

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