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Carson Yeung

Carson Yeung is President of the Board at Birmingham City FC, and is also the President of the owning company, Birmingham International Holdings.


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Carson’s Confiscation Hearing

Edit: 13:10 BST 02 April: I have been told in the last five minutes that the hearing will be adjourned until after the appeal

Carson Yeung is back in court tomorrow to hear if the Hong Kong authorities will be able to confiscate his assets. Carson’s assets were frozen by a restraint order shortly after he was arrested and with his conviction now secured the Department of Justice will move to take them from him.

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Carson Yeung Files Appeal

Carson Yeung today has officially lodged his appeal against his money laundering conviction. The 54-year-old former Blues supremo was convicted of five counts of money laundering on March 3 and sentenced to six years imprisonment.

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Carson Yeung, Great Luck and the Sale of BCFC

It’s been three weeks now since Carson was convicted of money laundering and as yet there has been no significant change to the ownership structure of Birmingham City – particularly with the deal to hive off 12% to Beijing Liangzhu failing. With this in mind and having read some of the stuff doing the rounds on social media I thought I would share with you some thoughts.

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Football Club Owners Discussed in the Commons

Conservative MP for Folkestone and Hythe Damian Collins told the House of Commons yesterday that laws must be changed to ensure no football club can ever again be “run into the ground” by secret owners in a debate about football club ownership.

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Carson Yeung sued over HK$2.32million debt

There was more bad news for Carson Yeung yesterday as a writ was filed in the High Court by Hansom Finance Limited to recover HK$2.32million (approx £180,000) from him after Carson defaulted on a debt from April 2013.

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Carson taken to tough HK Prison

According to reports in Hong Kong, former Birmingham City President Carson Yeung was transferred from Lai Chi Kok remand centre to Stanley Prison on the south of Hong Kong Island on Friday night.


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Six Years For Carson

Carson Yeung has been sentenced to six years in prison today after being found guilty on five counts of money laundering. In the meantime, Birmingham International Holdings have pulled out of the deal to sell 12% of BCFC to Beijing Liangzhu after the media company based in the Chinese capital couldn’t come up with the money.

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Carson Criticised in HK Press for Selling BIHL Shares

Less than a month after telling reporters post-EGM that he wouldn’t sell his shares in BIHL, Carson Yeung has been criticised in the HK economic press for doing just that.

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Fit and Proper

With all that has gone on at Birmingham City there has been a lot of talk about contacting the authorities with respect to the “Fit and Proper Person” test (now known as the Owners and Directors test). For obvious reasons I can’t tell people what to write if they want to contact the authorities but I thought it might be useful if I included some pointers so that letters have the maximum effect.

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Postcards from HK: Questions without answers

It’s the day after the verdict now and with the dust settled I’ve had some time to think about the whole saga. Yesterday I published my analysis of the verdict and amongst other things gave interviews to Central News and The Goalzone. What strikes me is that despite the thought that yesterday would finally answer some questions what it has done is opened up more questions.

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  • JeffHallsClock

    Re Due Diligence this can be a lengthy process typically would take about a month…..but with our track record I dare say the auditors will want to be doubly sure.
    Once due diligence is completed there often follows a period of negotiation to adjust for any unexpected findings from both sides!
    So in summary I still wouldn’t expect any news for at least another month or more – we are now in a silent period as neither party are at liberty to discuss pending results as anny discussion could potentially affect competitive offers or business standing in the stock exchange. Whoever it is at the moment are only POTENTIAL suitors
    Hope this helps.