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Carson Yeung

Personal Info
Name Carson Yeung Ka-Sing
Chinese Name 楊家誠
Date of Birth 27 February 1960
Board Appointments
BIH 20 July 2007 – 04 February 2014
 Other ListCo Appointments


Carson Yeung was until February 2014 President of Birmingham City and Chairman of Birmingham International Holdings. He is currently serving six years imprisonment in Stanley Prison having been convicted on five counts of money laundering.

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Video Podcast: Is No News Good News?

With nothing forthcoming from Hong Kong about either Carson’s appeal verdict or the sale of Birmingham City, is it possible that no news is good news? As Blues fans we’re used to delay from the Far East being a bad thing but in this case it might not be that way.

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Video Podcast – The Long Wait

It looks like the long wait to hear something on the sale of Birmingham City FC is going to continue for a little while longer – but at least on the pitch things are going well.

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BIH Change Auditors – Again

Birmingham International Holdings have announced to the HKSE that the current auditors KTC Partners have declined acceptance of the role as Auditors to BIHL for the financial year ending June 2015.

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Football Ownership – When Protesting Goes Too Far

Problems with football ownership isn’t a concern only for fans of Birmingham City. You only have to look down the A45 to see the travails of Coventry City fans to see how the actions of owners can severely impact on how a fan watches their club.

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How the Blues Trust Are Aiding the Sale of the Club

In their recent announcement with respect to further bids for Birmingham City, the final section about “Dealing Disclosures” seems to have gone unnoticed by most. However, this section is substantial proof that work done by the Blues Trust in reporting discrepancies to the HK authorities is having an effect.

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Video Podcast: The Bids

Birmingham International Holdings announced yesterday that they have received two further expressions of interest in Birmingham City FC. I’ve put together the following video to talk through where we’re at with the bidding process. Key points: Cynicism over timing of the bids with respect to season ticket renewals may be unfounded Optimism that a multi-billionaire […]

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The Carson Summons – an OP Video Podcast

Today the High Court heard the summons issued against the Receivers of Birmingham International Holdings by the “Carson faction” within BIH.

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Audio Podcast – Will Giles Talks About Carson’s Upcoming Appeal Judgement

With the judgement on Carson’s appeal due to be heard in the Court of Appeal in Hong Kong in the next couple of weeks I talked to “Haircuts and League Cups” co-author Will Giles about what is likely to happen.

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Video Podcast: Demands From Directors and Creditors

In this week’s video podcast I talk about the announcement made to the HKSE by BIH about the legal demands that they have received, the rumours of a sale and also a tiny bit about football too!

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Announcement Analysis

Birmingham International Holdings last night published an announcement confirming demands had been received from former directors such as Peter Pannu for various fees that were owing along with from China Energy Development Holdings Ltd who BIH apparently owe £4.1million in overdue loan payments and interest.

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One Response to “Carson Yeung”

  • JeffHallsClock says:

    Re Due Diligence this can be a lengthy process typically would take about a month…..but with our track record I dare say the auditors will want to be doubly sure.
    Once due diligence is completed there often follows a period of negotiation to adjust for any unexpected findings from both sides!
    So in summary I still wouldn’t expect any news for at least another month or more – we are now in a silent period as neither party are at liberty to discuss pending results as anny discussion could potentially affect competitive offers or business standing in the stock exchange. Whoever it is at the moment are only POTENTIAL suitors
    Hope this helps.

Haircuts and League Cups

You can read regular previews on the book by Daniel Ivery (author of OP) and Will Giles (HK Solicitor) chronicling the rise and fall of Carson Yeung by clicking here.

You can order the book by clicking here.

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