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Carson Yeung


Carson Yeung

Personal Info
Name Carson Yeung Ka-Sing
Chinese Name 楊家誠
Date of Birth 27 February 1960
Board Appointments
BCFC 13 October 2009 – 04 February 2014
BIH 20 July 2007 – 04 February 2014
 Other ListCo Appointments
 Shares owned in BIH  2,700,000,000 (27.89%)

Biography (as of 5 Jan 2016)

Carson Yeung is a name synonymous with Birmingham City’s recent troubles. The former hairdresser swept to power in October 2009, having bought out the previous board with a bid valuing the club at over £80million. This had followed an initial purchase of 29.9% and abortive takeover of the club in 2007.

Yeung was arrested on five counts of knowing or having reason to believe he had dealt with the proceeds of an indictable offence – otherwise known as money laundering – in June 2011 and was sentenced to six years in prison having been convicted of the offence in March 2014.

He is currently on bail while waiting for his appeal to the Court of Final Appeal to be heard and lives with his wife Wang Man-li and his young children Camilla and Alexander in his multi-million dollar home on the Peak in Hong Kong.

Latest articles about Carson Yeung

OP Video Podcast – AGM News

After the news from the BIH AGM yesterday, it’s easy to believe that Carson has once again flexed his shareholder muscles and shown EY he’s not going without a fight. The question is have EY anticipated this move and set up a trap for him? I discuss in my latest video.

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Birmingham International Holdings have this afternoon announced the results from the AGM held today in Hong Kong.

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TTA: No news on takeover but money is available

Birmingham International Holdings yesterday made an announcement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that confirmed they were no closer to agreeing a takeover with Trillion Trophy Asia.

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BIH: The latest legal twist

Birmingham International Holdings have made an announcement today to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with reference to the legal cases against Carson Yeung and Peter Pannu.

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Enjoy the Ride

The way things are going – I see Blues future in simple terms: Promotion.

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Pannu added to Carson Writ as Fourth Defendant

News is emerging from Hong Kong that Peter Pannu has been added to a writ served against Carson Yeung, Asia Rays Ltd and Amazing Top International Enterprises Ltd by Birmingham International Holdings and Birmingham City FC.

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Accounts Analysis

On Friday Birmingham International Holdings published their accounts for the year ending 2015. Having had some time to digest what was in them, I wanted to share my analysis and why I think these accounts point towards a brighter future.

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BIH Accounts Announced For Year Ending 2015

Birmingham International Holdings have released their accounts for the year ending June 2015. The accounts confirm a significantly lower wage bill and wage-to-turnover ratio but also that borrowings have had to be extended.

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All Quiet on the Eastern Front

It’s all gone quiet in Hong Kong of late but as September comes to a close Birmingham International Holdings are due to announce their accounts which cover the year ending June 30 2015. They are also due to present a takeover update to the exchange on the same day.

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BIH Files Further Accusations Against Carson in Court

In a chambers hearing in the High Court of Hong Kong today, counsel for Birmingham International Holdings gave further details as to the accusations being made against Carson Yeung in a HK$120million writ (approx GBP10m) being filed against the former BIH Chairman.

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One Response to “Carson Yeung”

  • JeffHallsClock says:

    Re Due Diligence this can be a lengthy process typically would take about a month…..but with our track record I dare say the auditors will want to be doubly sure.
    Once due diligence is completed there often follows a period of negotiation to adjust for any unexpected findings from both sides!
    So in summary I still wouldn’t expect any news for at least another month or more – we are now in a silent period as neither party are at liberty to discuss pending results as anny discussion could potentially affect competitive offers or business standing in the stock exchange. Whoever it is at the moment are only POTENTIAL suitors
    Hope this helps.

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